Client: British Heart Foundation

Like many charities and non-profit organisations, the British Heart Foundation often fails to capture the attention of young adults as they don’t tend to appreciate the work that the charity may do or what they stand for.

Juice London wanted to help change this, and achieved it by creating a campaign based on the 5-a-day t-shirt range, a product designed and sold by Seventy Five to help capture a new, younger audience, raise valuable funds and increase awareness of the charity.

This is not your ordinary lifestyle brand. Seventy Five was born out of the belief that everyone should be able to live the lives they love. Through the power of products, they exist to help people wear clothes that will fit how they think as well as their bodies. They want you to choose Seventy Five because self-satisfaction will always prevail over self-indulgence.

Seventy Five. Not for the faint hearted.


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