Client: Fable

Founded in 2007, Fable is an independent fashion label based in London. As the name suggests ‘Fable’ clothing takes inspiration from the nostalgia and make believe of childhood fairy tales, each beautiful piece of clothing telling its own unique story. Fable breaks the mould, boasting some of most sought-after handmade outfits in London.

A quirky and vibrant design theme helps to set the company apart from other small boutique shops, and conveys a firm and strong identity to its customers. Magical, mystical, fun and fabulous were all key buzz words that the client wanted us to focus on.


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  • of_fantasy_&_fable_12

As well as packaging, Fable asked Juice London to create a series of designs that could be used across printed and digital media such as magazine advertising, billboards, online banners and on their own website. They were also keen to update the look and feel of their store interior – something that is in the pipeline for next year.

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